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Foreclosure Cleanout | Junk Removal Orlando, Fl

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at Junk Monkey We don’t take care if you are an REO agent, bank, or asset management company we can handle all of your junk removal needs. We can help you complete clean-outs and foreclosure cleanups.

A foreclosure cleanout is exactly as it sounds. It refers to cleaning out foreclosed properties, usually involving the removal of old furniture and appliances as well as junk and other types of debris left on the property by the previous owners.

Foreclosure cleanout services are usually needed when a property has foreclosed, but it can also apply to vacant or abandoned properties.

This type of service is also not exclusive to single-family homes or townhomes. Just about any type of property or unit can benefit from a foreclosure cleanout, including condominiums, apartments, and even commercial establishments.

junk removal orlando

A foreclosure cleanout is similar to an estate cleanout as well, but they are not exactly identical.

Whereas the former is a term typically used when it comes to foreclosed homes or properties where a tenant has been evicted, the latter refers to cleaning out estates normally due to the death of the homeowner. An estate cleanout can also happen if an owner wants to downsize their estate due to any number of reasons or because of a divorce settlement.

Why Is a Foreclosure Cleanout Service Necessary?

Investing in foreclosed properties and flipping them for a profit is nothing new. It is a well-known trend in the housing market and one that a lot of people have jumped in on.

But, flipping foreclosed homes is no easy feat. Evicted owners usually leave the property in disrepair, leaving the new owner with piles of junk to clean. If you lack the time or patience for that kind of work, a foreclosure cleanout service will come in very handy.

It is always better to hire a professional service when it comes to foreclosure cleaning. First of all, you want the property to look the best it can. Whether you use the property yourself or flip it for a profit, improving its appearance is the first step. And although it is theoretically possible.

Once all the items and debris have been cleared out, the next step is to inspect the property’s electrical and plumbing fixtures, remove graffiti, and repair any damages.

Again, a professional company can help with this, as they usually offer repair services in addition to foreclosure cleaning.

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